Case Studies

The following are examples of cases the attorney has worked on and do not guarantee that a similar outcome can occur with a different client’s case. Immigration law changes day by day, and what one day works to get a positive grant, a negative grant can follow if the law changes. Each case is different, which is why it’s always advisable to have an attorney represent you in court.

The first asylum case handled by the attorney was a domestic violence case.


The first asylum case handled by the attorney was a domestic violence case. In those days domestic violence was not a protected ground under asylum law so the client was advised of uphill battle to win her case. Nina was a 20 year old woman from Honduras who arrived to the United States 7 months pregnant. The pregnancy was a result of a rape by a man who has stalked and repeatedly assaulted my client. When she went to report her rape to the police, she found out that they were working with him. When her abuser found out, he threatened her family. She made her way to the United States and with what little evidence we had, we presented her case to the judge. The judge ruled in our favor, and now Nina and her child are thriving.

ally was from Guatemala and is Mayan.

voluntary departure


Robert came to our office requesting help to stay in the US. His prior attorney had made him take a voluntary departure, and had failed to file important documents for his case. Robert did not understand why this had happened to him. All he kept saying was that he has US family members relying on him, and he needed to stay. Based on the information he provided, we were able to re-open his case and give him an opportunity to fight to remain in the US.

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