Family visas

Family visas

Family visas

The US allows the opportunity for US citizens and Legal Permanent Residents to petition their family members for their green card. US citizens can petition their spouses, their underage children and their parents without having to wait for a visa, while their adult children and siblings will have to wait. Legal Permanent Residents can only petition their spouses and unmarried children and will have to wait for a visa to be available.

Once a family member’s petition has been approved and a visa is available, the next process in getting a green card granted is either through consular processing or adjustment of status. Consular processing is for cases were a family member would have to go to the American Consulate and have their interview there. Adjustment of status is for family members already residing in the US, whose last entry into the country was legal. For example, they came in with a visa, received parole, or were petitioned by a family member before April 30, 2001.

It’s advisable to consult with an attorney before starting the process because even the smallest details can make your family member ineligible for a green card.

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